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I'm a graduate of Computer Science in University College Cork, Ireland, currently working as a Project Manager in Corporate IT for Swiss Bank Credit Suisse. My main experience and knowledge thus far lies in Technology, the Internet, and Web Development. Currently leading projects in the areas of Social Media Compliance, Enterprise Social Networks, Collaborative tools, Social Media Monitoring and Idea generation.


Project Manager

Currently gaining my first experience in end-to-end project management for several IT delivery projects and studying for the CAPM certification.



I'm driven by the constant need to make things better - Innovation is something I try to bring to every project that I work on.


strong in social

Social networking fascinates me. At a time when they have never been so important for businesses, I'm very much enjoying working on some cutting edge projects in the social space.

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Since 2008 I have taken on several web development requests, specialising recently in several websites developed for Irish Artists. Most have been developed with Wordpress to allow very easy maintenance going forward for the site owner. Take a look at a sample of recent sites below:


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